2 Legends - Launched in 2022 as a digital community for makers, creators, and artists. This site is quickly growing, bringing you information on one of many subjects that I find great joy in experimenting with. My hope is that I will be able to spark some joy, and help you create some amazing art in the process. 

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Who am I? And what is this all about...

If you love creating art, and experimenting with different mediums than you are going to feel right at home here. Grab yourself a drink, get comfy and let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I grew up in a small village, in Northern British Columbia Canada; before the dawning of the internet era. It was a very close knit type of community where everyone knew everyone and their business. There were a few churches , small general stores , a museum, and a school that taught kindergarten to grade 12 all under one roof. A sides from sports ( curling, hockey, baseball etc.) there really wasn't a whole lot of structured activities for youth to partake in, if you were not into sports, or your sport was done for its season, you were sort of out of luck, unless you wanted to be stuck at home doing chores you never told your parents you were bored. You had to use your imagination ALOT to keep yourself occupied.


I spent a lot of the time experimenting with the world around me, out in nature, enjoying activities such as fishing, hiking and camping, day dreaming and creating things from nature itself ... which brought many hours of peace, freedom, enjoyment and visual eye candy. 


When I was in high school this was the one subject that really kept me going back. Creating things has always brought JOY,  I have to admit I was a bit of a rebel and did not take instruction very well from my educators. (If any of my teachers are reading this right now, I bet my last dollar that they are likely nodding their head in agreement)


Art...  calmed me, I was able to focus, there was no real "RULES" just definitions and a process, it did not have to be exact, and it gave you freedom to experiment.

Full Disclosure: if you decide to partake, which I really hope you do, as art is an amazing outlet, to get all that is inside out. I have made sure to search each brand or store that I will be listing to see if they had an affiliate program, if you use the links that I have provided I might get a small kick back in the form of a commission if their product is purchased using my links , this does not cost you anything extra, but I do get a reward for sending you to their site, this money will go to my wildlife & domestic animal volunteering funds for gas and medical supplies,  those with out programs are still listed and linked, honest reviews and results with everything even if it does not give me a commission. 

I really do hope you find the joy , and reward in creation as much as I do.

-Renata Debolt


We would receive our subject outline, be given a history lesson on where the art form had originated from, what products and materials were available to us for use, and off we were sent to work on our creations.


Perfect process outline. Provide the knowledge, supply you with the materials, and you will be able to hopefully experience the joy that is ART. It really is a form of therapy, it has been proven to aid in hand-eye coordination, tune in your fine and gross motor skills. It encourages the development of healthy coping strategies, facilitates insight, and empathy. Plus at the end of it; if those facts alone were not enough for you to want to attempt creation **insert drum roll** you'll also have something really awesome, that you created and  that you can be proud of. Win/Win. 

If you are a beginner it can be a little overwhelming to start, only because there are so many opinions, and variances that can sway your choice on what products to use.


THERE ARE SO MANY PRODUCTS!!!. That's where I hope to make that process a little easier for you.  Its in my nature to help.


Its really surprising when you look back , where you thought you would see yourself in the future. 

My childhood self wanted to be a veterinarian, to help animals so they wouldn't have to suffer. I didn't land too far off the mark, although I took the hard road to get where I am, I am quite pleased with what I have accomplished. Today I am an (ACA) animal care attendant for domestic animals,  I have been dedicated to doing so for 15 years now. I also volunteer for various wildlife organizations through out BC, our region does not have an all wild species rehabilitation center in the north, so really do depend heavily on our southern wildlife rehabilitation centers to give these animals the second chance they deserve. That's where I come in, volunteering so they can get their second chance, and providing that connection, securing the injured or orphaned animal and connecting them with rehabilitation centers to get them the help they need. I am super grateful to have the opportunity and be given the experience. I do so out of my own pocket, as a single income household, raising a child, so every extra little bit of help I can get to continue helping is so very much appreciated. If you would like to help out I do have an amazon wish list , maybe you can help me knock some of these needed items off the list?  WishList


I also work for a radiator repair shop, soldering, welding and pressure testing various cooling systems, this was definitely not in my books of what I wanted to be when I grew up, but...  The money has to come from somewhere and it helps me to be able to afford to volunteer and help others! Also I get to work along side my brother, and he is good company. He's super creative also, sometimes we get brainstorming weird contraptions and ideas from time to time. For example the pocket bike sidecar.. Good times. 


Anyways... this got me to thinking, all of the knowledge I have accumulated can't just die in the back of my mind. I need to spread it around thick like peanut butter on cold toast. So here I am. Sharing my zen, which is art and creation. I am not a "professional" by any means, but if I can shave off some time sharing my experiences, providing some patterns, or insight. Maybe one day you will be..


Find my reviews and my top lists for the best Acrylic Fluid Art tools, paints & materials that are available on the current market.

As an Amazon , Blick , Utrecht , and a Nova Color Associate , I earn from qualifying purchases if you use my links below. Full Disclosure